Cleaning Data Drives and Solid State Devices

We take data erasure very seriously as it is at the core of our business. To protect data means to prevent it falling into the wrong hands, and data being left on devices before they are given to other parties most definitely falls into that category.

Our data erasure and destruction service is conducted to MOD triple-pass, zero-out standards. We endeavor to wipe all disks so that they can be re-used, but in the case of some damaged disks that cannot be read or written to, we are occasionally forced to open them up and destroy the platter where the data is held so as to be sure the data can never be recovered. For each machine that needs to be securely wiped we charge

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Our services include data recovery and data restoration and we can recover from various types of hard disk issues whether it be from physical damage such as when a hard disk is dropped or hit, or electrical damage from when a bad power supply has been used or the wrong voltage or current applied.

If you have a disk or system from which you wish to recover data then please contact us for further assistance.