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Situated in Swindon, covering Berkshire and the surrounding area.
Commercial and public sector equipment only please.
Take domestic equipment to a local recycling centre.

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We Offer Free Collection of Computer Equipment in and Around Berkshire

If you have surplus or unwanted IT equipment, we offer free collection in most cases and can recycle most types of IT gear without needing to dispose of, which we only do as a last resort.

Our first priority is to get any equipment you hand over to us wiped of any data that might remain to protect your security and abide by and respect the regulations of the EU and GDPR. Our secondary interest is in recycling as much as possible in order to reduce waste and pollution, and increase our own business with other computer users.

Recycling is more environmentally sound because it reduces hazardous waste, such as heavy metals and carcinogens, from entering the Earths's atmosphere or local landfills and waterways. Whilst electronics constitute a small fraction of all total waste generated, they contain substances that can often be far more hazardous.

Our policy of reselling as much as possible automatically off-sets as much waste as possible and allows us to iffer free collections. We have partners that specialise in different types of refurbished equipment such as servers, networking gear, routers, firewalls, Wi-Fi and Storage.

Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) is one of the fastest growing waste streams in the EU, with a growth rate of some 3-5 % per year. WEEE contains diverse substances that pose considerable environmental and health risks if treated inadequately, whilst the recycling of WEEE offers substantial opportunities in terms of making secondary raw materials available on the market.

Destroying your personal and commercial data

The Data Protection Act now requires that all information collected by your organisation and held on any media be destroyed when that media has become redundant.

Every organisations, and the individuals within those organisations, have a statutory duty of care of obligation to ensure that any confidential data held not be released in any unauthorised or accidental way, particularly that relating to employees or customers. This of course would include storage media such as USB flash disks or hard disk drives.

We will assume that all data has been cleaned from your hard drives or other storage devices prior to collection. However, if you would like us to do it for you we can – and sometimes this may be at no extra cost. Please be aware that we only provide documentary evidence of destruction as part of our 'paid for' service.

Hard drives contained in desktop or laptops will either be data erased, or as a last resort physically rendered inoperable before leaving our premises.

Data destruction of storage media in other devices, such as large printers, EPOS equipment, Sky boxes, etc, are also the responsibility of the customer, unless you would like us to do this for you, in which case this will incur a small charge for each item. This is simply because these devices are often very fiddly and time consuming to access.

Any hard disk that cannot be successfully wiped using this process is removed from the PC and physically destroyed beyond recoverability. This ensures complete data security and peace-of-mind for all of our clients. Hard disks carcases are then recycled for their rare Earth-Metal element resources.

All external inventory labels and markings are also removed both for security purposes and in readiness for resale.

Have a read of the recycling guide here.

What gets recycled/resold?

Wherever possible we re-sell and/or re-use everything we can - in our opinion this is the best form of recycling.

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As well as our own on-line refurbished computer store we also resell on eBay. You can check on our eBay items below.

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Internet Domains to be recycled

Domain names can gain and lose value depending on what they have been used for in the past - have a look at our domain name stock and check out their reputation on the web.

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