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Situated in Wokingham, covering Berkshire and the surrounding area.

We Can Clear Businesses, Offices and Warehouses of Surplus IT Stock.

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We Provide Secure ITAD Collection and Industrial Data Destruction in and Around Berkshire

If you are in need of disposing of IT equipment that may still include shadows or remnants of company data, we will ensure that all residue of said data is permanently destroyed upon delivery to our premises.

Whether you have banks of solid state storage, server racks or NAS and SAN storage, we can provide the necessary techniques to ensure that no data of any kind can ever be recovered from any of your surplus IT equipment.

Our ITAD services are designed to cater for large coporations and we can turn around thousands of systems more quickly with intelligent tactics and effective use of existing equipment.

How can you make surplus IT saleable or recyclable?

All system are refurbished (cleaned, tested and repaired if required) and various components are swapped to ensure that the resulting product is a saleable, useful item for any prospective customer.

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What are the most common items recycled?

Some of the most common items we receive tend to be those that are found in everyone's pocket or on everyone's desk. As such, we have many desktop PCs that need a new home and lots and lots of phones which we receive from domestic, small business and enterprise organisations alike.

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What sort of mobile devices do you have for sale?

This is one of the most common questions we receive and the answer is taht we have many different types of mobile phone availbe for sale. If you want to have a look through out stock then use the button below or drop in for the latest items that may not have been posted online yet.

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Regulation governs a huge part of what we do and what we can do. Our major goal is to see as little waste generated as possible and this is made possible by the tactical reuse of everything we receive. Not everything we use is recycled as you might imagine. Some of our processes internally use a lot of recycled equipment such as network installation systems and KVM (Keyboard Video Mouse) systems.

Much of what we recycle is made reuseable through our own experience of recycling systems within our own environment and helping people understand what different technologies can be reused for. We reuse a lot of surplus power circuits and other electrical equipment as part of our installation services for PCs and servers.

Many systems deemed to be surplus simply need an injection of new software or hardware in order to make that system useful once more. We keep an open mind about which devices can use which components from other devices so that perceived performance can be restored relative to the latest technology available today. Sometimes updated storage from one

Do you refurbish printers?

There are physical traits that make a printer a difficult item to reuse as it will need to be revitalised by someone who knows the weaknesses of that particular device well. In many cases we have to replace all of the rollers and sometimes the fusers too before we can easily recycle a working printer which does cause waste. Our mission is to keep as much of the printer as possible whilst still maintaining reliability.

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Do you refurbish server computers?

Every business that has requirements too complex or bespoke for a cloud server to deal with has internal servers. We operate racks full of servers for all sorts of specialisy hosting and so we have a lot of servers. Smaller companies prefer smaller tower servers and we can provide these but we usually have a much larger stock of the rack server variants.

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Refurbished storage media and drives..

There are always a great deal of blanks disks in our storage which is part of the way we re-enrich our stock of PCs and servers to become useable again. We have disks of all sorts and all sizes, from USB to racks of SSDs.

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ITAD and Data Destruction

The Data Protection Act requires all information collected and held on any media be destroyed when that media has become redundant.

Our systems allow us to process a large number of machines by automating various tasks, such as performing disk erase operations in triplicate or resetting all bits to zero on a disk and then installing Windows 11. This allows much of our work to be performed unattended meaning that we can increase device throughput whilst minimising costs.

Our experience with automation and product renewal gives us the best chance at getting maximum reuse out of your old or surplus IT stock and giving the most effective and reliable ITAD processes.