Chargeable Items

Berkshire Computers is delighted to be able to provide a free WEEE collection service within a few miles of our offices. Our standard non-local collection charge is £25, which will probably cover the majority of WEEE you have to dispose of.

There could however be additional charges, for some products that we cannot dispose of without cost, and what follows is a list of items where we need to cover the added cost of disposal and handling:

Additional Charge Items

Printer (Ink jets) £9.99

Printer (Lasers) £19.99

Printer Toner Cartridge £1.99

CRT Monitor £19.99

CRT Screens

An Old CRT Screen

Please note that we cannot accept fluorescent tubes, fridges or freezers and waste toner containers. Nor can we take anything which does not qualify as WEEE. e.g. packaging, etc.


Prearranged Clearances and Urgent Collections

We also provide a clearance service, where we guarantee to remove all of your WEEE to a prearranged timescale, This service can be really useful for companies that are closing premises and need the building vacated by a given date.  In this instance we will work with you as part of the project and will be priced on a one-off contract basis reflecting the amount of time, effort, manpower and the product type involved.