Wokingham IT Equipment Collection Form:

Use this form to request a free computer collection in Wokingham.

Why is A Wokingham computer recycling company better?

A local Wokingham computer recycling company travels smaller distances which reduces transportation costs and emissions. A Wokingham computer recycling company will save you time and money by collecting your old computers from your home or office at a more concise time, allowing you to plan more throughout your day. It can also reduce the environmental impact of transporting your computers to a distant recycling facility, which can consume fuel and emit greenhouse gases.

Using a local IT recycling firm in Wokingham supports local businesses and jobs. A Wokingham computer recycling company can help boost the local economy by providing employment and income opportunities for people in your area. It can also support other local businesses that supply or partner with the recycling company

Locally sourced services provides a more reliable service as less can go wrong on the way and ensures compliance with local laws and standards. A Wokingham computer recycling company can help you comply with the local and state laws and regulations that govern electronic waste disposal. It can also ensure that your computers are recycled according to the highest standards of environmental and social responsibility, such as the R2 certification

Using a Wokingham PC recycling firm benefits the local community and charities as they spend their money locally. A Wokingham computer recycling company can help benefit the local community and charities by donating or selling refurbished computers to those in need, such as schools, people from disadvantaged backgrounds or charitable organizations. It can also raise funds or awareness for local causes by organizing recycling events or campaigns

Use this form to request a free computer collection in Wokingham.

Some items cannot be collected for free, such as very heavy items over 20Kg and environmentally difficult items such as those containing asbestos, foam or CRT screens. If you request such items to be collected, then we will be in contact to work out a price.

Check the items in your collection against our Chargeable Items list to check you qualify for free collection on our Monthly Collections round, otherwise we can make a stop especially when we are next passing.

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